Talking to you II

   I’ve a couple of delightful days talking with new friends in English. Good, ‘cause I have to study. There isn’t a better way. This way, with interest in something what concern both of all of us.


   It was very exciting. Yesterday, I commented a very good movie I saw, and, look what happened. Who contacted me? The writer. Can you believe it? I was so thrilled. I felt like a superstar. And I was very scary too. I mean, I can’t speak English, you know. But all went very good. It was short, thanks God. He just said to me he was glad I was enjoy the movie. “Yes, I did”. It was practically all I said. I was so happy! And he RT my tweet. So polite! And something very important, ins’t it? I hope very soon I can search in the Internet looking around for critics about some story I wrote. Or soon enough; what our Lord Jesus Christ says. I’m agree; you know what I mean. In the meantime, thank you Michael Kospiah. You look so young…

 images  And later, I felt so much fear and dispair… John Moffit, a gentleman who is an astrophisicist and other things what proves his intelligence, talked to me about those poor creatures in our planet; those poor creatures who human race is killing every day. Follow John is very difficult to me; each time, I had to think very carefully every answer I gave him. I did’n want to look so idiot, and I think I did it pretty well. I tried not to say so much, and again, THINK before talking. Like John says about the problem of extinction. We must THINK. About elephants, black rinos, sharks… It is so sad. It makes me feel so empty. So guilty. I have my words. I have to use my words. Did you see that beautiful movie, HERO? That way.

   So that’s it. It’s all for now. I’m looking for more and waiting with hope. Someday, I want to see the faces of these wonderful people who is teaching me their language and their minds. One sentence at the time.

   Thank you Michael, John and Derin. OK, HBO, thank you too. There is more people like you in the future, who will teaches me English, but you always will be special for me. Sorry about the mistakes I’m sure you can see here.



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