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Talking to you II

   I’ve a couple of delightful days talking with new friends in English. Good, ‘cause I have to study. There isn’t a better way. This way, with interest in something what concern both of all of us.


   It was very exciting. Yesterday, I commented a very good movie I saw, and, look what happened. Who contacted me? The writer. Can you believe it? I was so thrilled. I felt like a superstar. And I was very scary too. I mean, I can’t speak English, you know. But all went very good. It was short, thanks God. He just said to me he was glad I was enjoy the movie. “Yes, I did”. It was practically all I said. I was so happy! And he RT my tweet. So polite! And something very important, ins’t it? I hope very soon I can search in the Internet looking around for critics about some story I wrote. Or soon enough; what our Lord Jesus Christ says. I’m agree; you know what I mean. In the meantime, thank you Michael Kospiah. You look so young…

Sigue leyendo


Talking to you


   This one is for Derin. She’s a new friend I have on Twitter. I don’t now her, but I’m oh, so, so excited. I talked with a person who I don’t know, just now, right now. A new mind, a new world. I would like to see what she sees.

I don’t care if I can’t speak English very well; It was enough to touch another mind. It’s enough for me; I come from a little town. Maybe I will never travel around the world. But I can dream. Dreaming is a way to exist to me. The world I see everyday… why is more real? Why? Do I can really look into the people’s heart? Is my street the same street for my neighbor?

I will learn more English, because in some point, I wanna be capable to say Derin (and perhaps new friends) more things. This world can be very beautiful. The sun is new each time we see it. With every person watching.

I want to tell this to all of you. Every day. Many days.

Kisses, kisses, and good nignt. Maybe I will talk to you again.


Every day, a little bit more

Today I was trying to connect a new blog with mine, and I didn’t now how to do it. Searching a way, I find this one below (search yourself, you lazy creep!), and I think it could be good. I liked It. Look yourself and tell me. And if you don’t speak English, it doesn’t matter.

I don’t either, and I didn’t care!